Real Credit Help For Everyday People (Part 1)



An individual or couple with a credit score of less than 620 may have a hard time obtaining a mortgage. If you have a borrower with less than ideal credit, here are some tips that can help to improve their score by the time they make an offer.


Why don't you try walking in to the nearest government office and requesting your share of the government money offered for debt relief? Chances are high that you would be laughed out of the premises. However, if you walk up to your credit card issuer and request the lender to provide debt relief in the form of a huge discount, you would actually be enjoying your share of the government money.


What is the point of compromising your hard earned credit score if it is going to result in just a minor reduction in your interest rate or interest charges? Remember that the interest that is waived by the credit card issuer will always increase back to its original level if your default continues.